Japan2009 19.6-20.6


One of my friend introduced a Karaoke-bar at night. This bar seems rare since it provides real German Beer and dishes. The atmosphere is also nice.

PartIII Karaoke Lounge Mariko
164-0011 Yuni-buru nakano sakaue, Chuuou 1-32-7
Nakano-ku, Tokyo

I came from Germany, so, I usually do not visit to German restaurant while I am in Japan. This is exception because of my friends. I never know this kind of bar in Germany. The most different part is the customer enjoys conversation with the bartender (usually woman). I almost never visit this kind of bar in Japan, because it is difficult to know what kind of bar it is. Some of them are kind of prostitute and super expensive. But most of them you can enjoy the conversation and reasonable price. However, I never visit these bars unless someone with me knows it. This is a nice bar.


I started 6 in the morning. I used Narita express from Shinjyuku to Narita. I came back to Berlin Tegel via Frankfurt. It is pity there is no direct connection from Narita to Berlin. Tegel had a short, but strong rain, then we once abort to landing.

I read two books in the airplane: Shakespeare, the world as stage by Bill Bryson and Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. This is my second book from Bill Bryson, I enjoyed a lot. I will read more. As a Vonnegut book, it is a bit too normal. But still I like it.

This concludes my holiday in Japan. Most of the part was great, but it was a sad holiday.

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