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Next machine translator

Thanks to Daniel, Jörg, Pascal, and Shinosuke.

The followings are copy-and-paste-able text. (Added 2014-6016)
US English: Please jump from here. Then you will be a hero!UK English: For Queen and Country, please jump here!French: Sautez, de charmantes demoiselles vous attendent en bas!German: Achtung! Jetzt springen! Stehenbleiben verboten!Japanese: ここから飛び降りましょう.皆さんそうしてらっしゃいます!(On the notice board: B!Tufsfpuzqf!usbotmbups/!Ubuflbxb!Tijoptvlf!upme!bcpvu!tufsfpuzqft/Uibu!xbt!pomz!qfpqmf(t!tufsfpuzqf/!Cvu!J!xpoefs!jg!b!usbotmbujpo!qsphsbn!dbo!vtf!uif!tufsfpuzqf/)