200906Japan 3.6(night)-4.6

3.6 Night
Night, I met my friend G. He is now famous and gets inviatation letters from internatonal film festivals. I always complained ``I don't understand what is this article.'' But, he always try to explain how it is nice. Recently, I started to understand some of them. Just feel something. This is stereo shadow. This is fun. (picture)

By the way, when I was a student, I bought a theater ticket. I felt that was unique, but, I did not understand it. Then I asked them after the play. Then the director answered, ``What? How impolite you are. How can't you understand my play?'' After few years, I lost the trail of her theatrical company. If you make a sincere question, and the answer was ``How impolite you are.'' Then you made a right question, I believe. The responders need to deceive the question since they cannot answer the question or answering question negates them.
I believe both research and software development are based oncommunication. Maybe artistics activity is also based on communication. I want to tell something, I want to show something, but always ``to someone.''
We watched Blade Runner togather again.
Morning, I visited old friends and they are now parents. We learn Aikido together. Their child has a lot of imagination and so many vocabulary. Yes, the mother's field was literature. I think the most important ability is natural language (mother tongue). Especially if the person goes to science or mathematics area. Because the first task of science is to understand what is the problem, that is given by the natural language. Then if one has an answer, s/he need to explain it to people.
Night, I met a sister of my colleague. I never met such a person who can read/write almost perfect Japanese, but a German person. She told me about her life a bit and it seems there was a lot of luck she had. But I see it is based on calculated strategy. I have met several people, who want to visit to Japan and want to live there. But, she can read and write Japanese. This does not belong to luck. Some says like her, "I'm interested in business. Maybe I join a foreign company in Japan."But she is writing doctor thesis about the role of foreign companies in Japan, and contacted managers of such companies. That's not luck again. This is strategy. She is not only intelligent, but also an attractive woman.

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