How to remove the unused buttons from blogger

I was a bit surprised when my blog shows unknown widgets, such as facebook buttons. If I wrote something, I expect what I wrote is shown up. I didn't expect not-I-wrote is automatically shown up. I know my English is bad, however, that's my responsibility. Once I wrote

  • "He is a skilled programmer."
 then an automatic spell checker fixed my writing as

  • "He is a killed programmer."
without telling me. No machine or tool has right to jeopardize my friendship. Please.

Here is how to remove the buttons that I never asked.

  1. Some reason, it only worked in simple template. So I move to "simple" from "dynamic view". (Actually I like simple more.)
  2. Choose customize (it will be shown when you mouse over). You will move to Template designer page.
  3. Choose Layout on the left upper side.
  4. Click Blog Post ... "Edit" link.
  5. Switch off "Show Share Buttons", then Save
  6. Push Apply to blog (Top right on the page)
I think Blogger is quite great except  1. was the most tricky part. Maybe "switched off the show share buttons" didn't work in dynamic view is just a bug or glitch.

A mini STL performance benchmark

Sometimes a measured STL performance is needed in addition to big O notation information. This page (http://www.mpi-inf.mpg.de/~hitoshi/otherprojects/stlperf/stl_performance_benchmark.html) has following benchmark results.

  • std::map creation and copy time
  • Median computation: nth_element() vs sort() 
  • Performance comparison: set vs hash_set


Skype Linux 64bit crash when I open the chat window

A tip of Skype Linux 64bit (Kubuntu).

If you see a crash when you open the chat window of skype all the time on Linux, you can remove the ~/.Skype directory and start skype again. I think this is something related with chat sync. My case this solved the crash problem.