Why does he need to run.

Edward Snowden is on the run. I wondered why? Because the president admitted his saying was correct. Why does he need to run?

The following is my thought simulation. You might find disturbing since in my simulation you don't find human factor. So I usually don't show it. But my motivation is I don't want to see him to be harmed.

``There is no worth to kill him.'' I thought. If someone or some organization kills him, what kind of effect is expected.

I found two types of organizations which can see the value to kill him.

One is the government, to avoid the domino effect. This government doesn't want to see other employee follows him. But this is obvious, if the government killed him, the world blame the government.

The other is the organization that against the government. People suspect the first motivation. If someone against the government, the one kills him, and claims ``The government did it. You see that the government is evil.''

Now his life's value becomes more and more important. Even I can imagine these, so, the government is again be a possible player. The government kills him and tell my second story and blame them.

I now understand why he must run. But, if he died, the government is suspicious now. I suggest to the government, you must protect him, keep him alive. Otherwise, any political opponent would take the advantage.