Japan 2006 9.6-12.6


My fixed phone right will be expire next year. I do not have any plan to use it next year, so I decided to sell that. But, I found there is no shop that buy a fixed phone right. There seems no demand. If youknow me and want it, please let me know.

I read "Hitotu ue no puresen" (The next level presentation) Editor:Jun Maki. It seems each famous creators says different, but, I think the bottom line is that "a presentation is communication."

I've got a message from a friend, that says "Problem." I could not read it. This word "Problem" makes me sick. I could not move and eat, so I read some books with drinking water in my bed.


Sick. Stay at home.


I read "the secret of the Jewish Mind" by Eran Katz. Maybe most important thing of learning is dialog or discussion. But, it is a bit questionable if this makes all the success. It seems others are well known. However, believing makes motivation. If I only doubt, I am sure that I can achieve nothing.


I read Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut. This is interesting and totally free from the style. This is Kilgore Trout full throttle. Each sectioncan be a novel. The author just said the substance, so I can just think, well, I see. Then Vonnegut say, "you are stupid if you think, I see" in the next paragraph. It always is double shock. Even I expect it coming, I am shocked. Indeed, nation, money, or doctrine, one think it too serious, it is easy to over the line. This is the source of the problem. However, I can not think like Vonnegut. I can not say,"That's all? Thanks!" when I died.

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