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A fake truth by web: google translate glitch

I make some basic mathematics learning materials. I publish them on YouTube. This time I got a strange comment.

``Why the title of this video is ``basic division''? It is about subtraction.''

I made this video in Japanese, my video title was in Japanese (基本のひき算), but the comment was in English.

I was puzzled, ``ひき算'' means ``subtraction'' instead of ``division''. I found out that the person who wrote the comment used Google translate. When I input ``ひき算'' to the Google translate, it indeed translates it as ``Division''. Japanese has Kanji and Hiragana (and Katakana) for writing and Hiragana is a phonetic notation. My basic subtraction video is for first or second class students, thus I use Hiragana (phonetic notation). If I put the Kanji notation (引き算) to the Google translate, it is correctly translated to the subtraction. If I use all phonetic notation (ひきざん), then Google translate outputs ``Hikiman'', which I don't …