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Egon the rabbit and me

``Do you have a voice?'', I spontaneously asked a rabbit, when I was reading a economy book. ``It seems people's productivity is increasing, the world population is saturating, why does the world still have a lot of problems?''

The rabbit was looking at me. His name is Egon. Today is Stig's first day of school. ``You don't know why?'' Egon said so, or maybe a part of me told me as Egod told me. I answered, ``Yes, I don't know. I can say human being is stupid, but, that answer doesn't help me even if it is true.'' Egon kept silence, so I thought it was some audible hallucination.

I looked at the cage. ``Is your cage too small for you?'' I asked Egon.

Egon: ``It's small. I rather want to have large one. How is yours?''

I: ``... Mine? I don't have one.''

Egon: ``Don't you see yours? You made it yourself, and you put yourself in it. As far as I know, only human being does that.''

I: ``Do you me…

Semi-automate timing generation method of video subtitles

Abstract I voluntarily work on for free mathematics material translation for everyone. I have three main tasks in my workflow of this work: 1. script translation on a srt file, 2. dubbing the video, 3. subtitle generation. I found the subtitle timing generation is a time consuming task, so I want to reduce this. When I generate a subtitle, I already have the translated script and its video sound. So, I try to use these data to semi-automate the subtitle timing generation. This time I use the YouTube's transcript function to generate the subtitle timing. This can reduce the time of timing generation task. I implemented a srt file to text file conversion script since YouTube's transcript function requires text format data. YouTube's transcript function performs  not only the timing generation, it also edit the lines (put some newlines). Therefore, I implemented subtitle line concatenation script, too. One experiment shows that whole manual work took 4.5 hours to generate th…