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Never too late to learn computer: What does it mean 8GB on my USB stick?

Introduction I recently help some people who said ``I don't understand how to use my computer, but I want to do something.'' I found these people have interesting questions. So I write them that story here.
What does it mean 8GB on my USB stick? Some of my friends work on a social movement. They want to study something, they want to tell something to people and they want to discuss about it with others. For example, what is nationality of children when a couple married internationally? Are there any rights differing with others? They want to study these questions themselves. Usually it is deeply connected to their life.
Here is a woman, who researched on a certain subject. She got a video materials and she wanted to share it with others. ``I don't know how to do that, but I want to show these materials to some people.'' This time I have a chance to help her. What she wanted was to show this video to around 30 people by a video projector.

She told me a compute …