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Berlin Westhafen, responsibility, and arrogance of playing a god

Once I walk around this Hafen with one of my friends, we discussed a book (*) we both read recently. The discussion goes far and in many directions. But I found two points were interesting.  Berlin Westhafen One is as in the title, ``You have no responsibility for what was happened, but you have responsibility for that not happens again. (Original: Ihr seid nicht verantwortlich fuer das, was geschah. Aber das es nicht wieder geschiert, dafuer schon)'' If I think about responsibility, I believe that the people who were not born at that time cannot have ``personal'' responsibility. Some extreme idea says someone has responsibility for all the ancestors did. It does not seem fair because the responsibility is passed on to the descendants. They are words about war, but I think it still holds in the case of war. It should be noted that what I put parentheses around "personal" here may not apply if that is not a person. The other part is an argument that the droppin
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A concern about an abnormality on the statistics of number of Japanese COVID-19 patients

We have already had a lot of COVID-19 articles. Every country's goal now is how to reduce the number of death. Since the exponential growth rate of an epidemic, it should be the first priority that how to avoid the corruption of the health system. We need the precise data of how many patients are there. Otherwise we can not have a strategy, how many beds we need, how long we need to lock down, how many test we need to deploy, every strategy needs to be answered the questions: how many X we need? In this article I based on the data from John Hopkins Data Repository   and the analysis of Aatish's Exponential/Logistic Curve-Fitting Site . When I checked this data, I found an abnormality of Japanese data. Figure 1 shows the total confirm cases and new confirmed cases in the past week. Japanese data is way less compare to other countries. Figure 1 Data source: minutephysics: How To Tell If We're Beating COVID-19 You might think, a small new case ratio sounds good.


New word: Borissing 1. A behavior who started something, but succeeded to running away without taking responsibility. Usage example: a school teacher told a student, "Please don't borissing. You are already a 5th grade." 2. Referring an social harassment. Some people coincidentally has a similar name. There are some incidents, such child was picked in a class. The association "We did nothing wrong" officially stated, this is a discrimination, please stop using the word. But another association, "Yes, but this is the consequence" stated recently, we should solve the problem from the source, otherwise we could not completely solve this problem. -- in the Devil's dictionary draft

Young's double slit equation: Many textbooks draw parallel rays, but how could parallel rays intersect?

Young's double slit equation is well known result that shows the light has a wave property. A typical illustration of Young's interference experiment is shown in Figure 1.  This figure confuses novice learners since at the point C, two parallel rays intersect. But how could possibly parallel rays intersect? In Euclidean geometry, parallel two lines will never intersect. Figure 1: Typical explanation figure: Two parallel rays and path length difference \[\Delta x\] Figure 2: Precise figure: Two rays intersect at point C to cause interference. Figure 2 shows more precise figure of Young's interference experiment. At the point C, two rays meet and cause an interference depends on the path difference from the holes H1 and H2. When you zoom in to the two holes part, you see the precise path

How to remove the video recording time limitation of a Sony camera (Alpha 5000)

I have a Sony camera (Sony Alpha 5000) and I like it. But I have a problem of limitation of video recording time: 30 minutes. Today I found a way to remove this limitation. I saw the next video: The video creator said, we can disable the limit for most of the Sony's camera. I only tested Sony Alpha 5000. The procedure Camera preparation Switch on the camera Menu -- Setup --- USB connection, set connection to MTP Switch off and on the camera Connect to a computer with USB cable (keep connecting) Software download and install (I checked this on Windows 10) Visit with Internet Explorer and Safari (Chrome didn't work, I checked this on Windows 10 with Internet Explore 11) Note: This site is from Sony, but the software is not from Sony, so no guarantee. you should use this your own risk. I can not take any responsibility. From the above  URL , you can go to OpenMemories page Download PMC

What a referendum really asking is...

What the referendum is really asking is.... Figure 1: Original brexit ballot paper A problem of referendum is that people misunderstand the question all the time. Figure 2: This is how most of the people saw the ballot paper But the real question (at least the intention was...) Figure 3: This is how the people should see. The problem of referendum (or actually any vote) is people vote by feeling without thinking. I enjoy reading Yuval Noah Harari's books.