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A program removing qTranslate language section

Overview This is a program for migrating from a Wordpress with qTranslate to Wordpress multi-site. It removes the language-specific contents and tags attached by qTranslate plugin. Keywords: qTranslate, qTranslate-X, multi-site, multi-language, Wordpress Introduction Ten years ago from now (abound 2013), it is common that the cheapest web hosting service had 0 SQL databases, and even the next level service with database had up to 2 SQL databases. Therefore, if you want to use Wordpress in multiple languages, qTranslate multilingual plug-ins was a common solution to reduce the number of database use. How does the qTranslate plugin work? The qTranslate plugin puts special tags ([:ja], [:], etc.) in the text. The plugin will retrieve the specific language text based on the tag. Advantages and disadvantage of the qTranslate plugin The biggest advantage of the qTranslate plugin is that it needs only one database even if it is multilingual. Ten years a
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A story on Japanese blogs about potatoes being convicted in a Catholic religious trial. (I cannot find it in other languages.)

One of my favorite YouTube Channels is "Miscellaneous History Historica (歴史雑記ヒストリカ)" by Mondo ( ). It's a Japanese channel. There is a video about the history of potatoes.  【ゆっくり歴史解説】じゃがいもはどうやって食卓に浸透したのか?世界史の中のイモ史。 (Yukkuri-history explanation: How did potatoes make their way to our tables? The history of potatoes in world history.) In this video, there were stories about Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI's attempts to introduce potatoes, and the relationship between the English royal family and potatoes. Potatoes are "unbiblical crop" and therefore they are evil. The fact that they grow from seed potatoes is "sexually impure" because "potatoes grow in a way other than the union between a male and a female ordained by God. The Roman Catholic Church accused them, and they were guilty. Then, potatoes were burned at the stake."  I thought this story was interesting because Rom

How to fix VirtualBox Linux boot error: vboxadd-service.service failed.

Problem: 2023-05-25, suddenly I cannot boot my linux virtual machine with an error vboxadd-service.service failed. My environment   Host: Windows 11   VirtualBox 7.0.6. r155176 (Qt5.15.2)   Linux kernel 5.19.0-42-generic, Kubuntu Solution: Remove the additional module. It seems this is no longer needed. mount the VBox_GAs_7.0.6 (You need to mont VBoxGuestAdditions.iso and need to see it at /media/<username>/VBox_GAs_7.0.6/) cd /media/<username>/VBox_GAs_7.0.6/ sudo ./ uninstall Solution (updated 2023-06-02) The issue seemed caused by the wrong display setting. Removed VBoxLinuxAdditions makes VBoxVGA Graphics controller works, but the clipboard between host and guest didn't work. So removing the VBoxLinuxAdditions is not a solution. I have no idea why the Graphics controller setting suddenly causing a problem. But here is the solution. Setting the Graphics controller to VMSVGA resolved the problem. should be executed. Otherw

stand by power comsumption: xbox

Due to the energy price, I measured some of the devices of mine and my friend. My friend's family has an Xbox. Xbox's stand-by (when switched off) power consumption is around 20W. This was unexpectedly high for me. It is equivalent to a bright LED light. My friend immediately uses the power on/off switch extension. If you have an Xbox, I also recommend using the on/off extension cable.

How to pass a better gun control law.

  How to pass a better gun control law. Every time a mass shooting happens, people try to pass a better gun control law. But NRA consistently stopped them (see e.g., YouTube: NRA: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) ). To prepare for the next mass shooting, a woman called (J.C.) established a non-profit organization. The organization is a bit mysterious under their security concern. But it seems called either WIW N, WASD, or FYN (or possibly multiple organizations)*. What they do is: members are informed when and where the bill will be discussed members are encouraged to call the members senator and representative and informed every chance depends on the distance of the residence they provide the member-accessible database about the congress schedule relevant to their issue A problem is the organization has a bit of tight membership control. I cannot write here how to join, but you will find the way. (A rumor: some comedians seem to know the organization's correspondence.) The