I believe that the education is only the possible solution to make the world better. Would you like to join me? (In English)

This is a English translation of the last post.

Hi onigiri people,

How are you? Not seen for a long time.

I am still thinking about how I can help the Tsunami victims in  Tohoku. Although for most of the people, this is an old story. If so, you can skip the rest of my letter. You might have found a new challenging mission.

If you still care, Welcome. I finally got an idea.

I read an article about Tsunami victim children who have a problem to catch up the class in their school. I cannot stop thinking how can I help them.

I believe that the education is only the hope to solve real long term problems. But how can I help? A few months ago, I found the people who have the similar idea and they have implemented the system to help. It's free, but they need voluntary help.

It's called Kahn academy: "Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. We're a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere." I found this web page is fantastic. I take some biology and mathematics courses on this site. Unfortunately, it is only in English. But, we can voluntarily translate the site.

The number of uses of this site is more than millions. Isn't it great if Japanese or German children can also use it? For me it is just sad if children can not use the system because of just the language.

This work is steady, not a one time party. But this has an long-term impact to the world. I only work 30 minutes a day. Though I continue every day. If some of you join, the goal will be nearer.

The founder, Salman Kahn's talk. Introduced by Bill Gates.

An interview of teachers who use the Kahn academy.

Here is how to join the translation (Japanese, German, ...).
  1. Visit https://crowdin.net/join and sign up for a Crowdin account.
  2. Under "Edit Profile" select your "Assistance Languages."
  3. Visit https://crowdin.net/project/khanacademy to select a language.
  4. Click the green "translate" button on the next page.
  5. Start translating!

I am so happy if you just think about the possibility of changing the world to be better.

Thanks a lot.

I believe that the education is only the possible solution to make the world better. Would you like to join me?

This is a letter I sent today to my old friends. We once worked together for Tohoku tsunami victims. Many thanks to RM to check my German.

Hallo Onigiri Leute,

Wie geht es Euch? Lange nichts von Euch gehört.

Obwohl für die meisten eine alte Geschichte ist, denke ich noch immer darüber nach, wie ich den Tsunami-Opfer in Tohoku helfen kann. Wenn Du damit abgeschlossen hast und eine neue, herausfordernde Aufgabe gefunden hast, kannst du den Rest meiner Email überspringen.

Wenn Dich die Frage immer noch beschäftigt: herzlich Willkommen,  Ich habe eine Idee!

Vor mehr als einem Jahr habe ich einen Artikel über Kinder, die Tsunami Opfer geworden sind gelesen. Die Kinder haben das Problem, den Unterrichtsstoff in der Schule aufzuholden. Seitdem mache ich mir Gedanken darüber, wie ich ihnen helfen kann.

Ich glaube, dass allein Bildung langfristige Probleme lösen kann. Aber wie kann ich ihnen helfen? Vor ein paar Monaten habe ich Menschen gefunden, die eine ähnliche Idee verfolgen und die das notwendige System haben, Bildung zu verbrieten. Das alles ist kostenlos, aber sie brauchen Freiwilligenarbeit.

Das Projekt heißt 'Kahn Academy': "Khan Academy ist eine Organisation auf einer Mission. Wir sind eine Non-Profit Organisation. Unsere Ziel ist es, die Veränderung durch Schaffung einer freien Weltklasse-Ausbildung für alle, überall, ermöglichen wird."  Ich habe diese Webseite fantastisch gefunden. Jetzt nehme ich Biologie und Mathematik Unterricht auf dieser Website. Leider ist es nur auf Englisch. Aber wir können als Freiwillige auf Teile dieser Website übersetzen.

Mehr als Millionen Leute benutzen diese Website. Ist es nicht toll, wenn japanische oder deutsche Kinder dies auch tun könnten? Für mich ist es traurig, wenn Kinder diese Website nicht besuchen können, weil das System nur Englisch ist.

Die Arbeit ist nicht keine einmalige Sache, sondern beständig und hat so einen langfristigen Einfluss auf die ganze Welt. Ich arbeite nur 30 Minuten pro Tag für die Kahn Academy, dafür allerdings das jeden Tag. Wenn einige von euch dazukommen, wird das Ziel näher sein.

Hier der Vortrag des Gründer, Salman Kahn. Eingeführt von Bill Gates.

Ein Interview von Lehrern, die den Kahn academy verwenden.

So kann man selbst Übersetzen (Japanisch, Deutsch, ...) und Beiträge damit Sprechern anderer Sprachen zugängig machen:
 1. Besuche https://crowdin.net/join und melden Sie sich für ein Konto Crowdin.
 2. Unter "Edit Profile" wähle "Assistance Languages."
 3. Besuche https://crowdin.net/project/khanacademy um eine Sprache
 4. Klicke auf den grünen "translate" Knopf auf der nächsten Seite.
 5. Übersetzen!

Ich wäre glücklich, wenn Du über die Möglichkeit nachdächtest, die Welt zu verbessern.

Vielen Dank.



Vision Summit 2013 (30.8-2.9)

Today, I heard the following summit. I have already registered.
If anyone comes to Berlin to join the conference, see you then!



Fascist hunter

I have a friend who is a writer. He is unsuccessful as Kilgore Trout, but he is not at all famous like Kilgore Trout. The title of today's story is ``Fascist hunter.''

Umaya is a fascist hunter. A fascist hunter is a bounty hunter who catches people who are called ``real fascism.'' It is difficult to find a real fascist. Since usually they are no different from the normal citizen. Each country's government has a problem to find them out and put a quite high award on them. The real fascist seems well organized. In Umaya's world, people need to pay tax for alive. If someone could not pay the tax, the one will be suspended. Although everyone has a right to alive at least one year per five years. Umaya failed his business once and he was in a cold sleeping machine for four years.

Umaya needed some money quickly. The hunter job is high risk, but also high return. Every hunter must put a think-support-unit in his brain. Because it is believed that the real fascist has a good brainwashing method. Many hunters never returned and sometimes they are found in the real fascist. This think-support-unit whispers to the brain that ``the most important human rights are person's freedom and the right of personal well-being'' and the brain feels it. This is believed to be able to against the brainwashing of the real fascist.

Sometimes the real fascists are hard to distinguish from the normal citizen. But this time there are victims. One is a high manager of a huge energy company and the other is the chief researcher of a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation.

Umaya finally can be able to contact with a doctor who is called Leuko. Umaya suspected Leuko is a member of the real fascists. Umaya hid himself and he pretended to be interested in the real fascists. However, Leuko ans his friends never show any proof that they are the member of the real fascists. Leuko frequently visits some public schools and voluntarily gave some classes. Umaya once visited his class since he suspected there is some kind of brainwashing in the class. Children in the class show interests of the class. Leuko teach a biology class including what is cell and so on. He explains when cells grow too much, they restrict themselves not to grow anymore. Sometimes not so healthy cells suicides called Apoptosis. These suicidal cells make more room for the healthy cells. If every cell eats as it wants, and every cell wants to grow as it wants, the healthy cell can not survive anymore. These cells are called cancer cells. Umaya cannot find any brainwashing activity from these classes.

Umaya tries to find how can he prove Leuko is one of the real fascists. But one day, he got into too deep and captured by the real fascists. His think-support-unit has been removed. But Umaya never got any brainwashing.

Leuko explained the activity of their organization. They are a non-profit company. Their mission is saving the human species. They believe that sometimes the person's freedom and human being existence contradict. He shows an example that one person consumes energy to fulfill one's comfort, but if everyone consume such amount of energy, the children of the human being has no energy left. The person's happiness endangers the human being existence. What is the difference between cancer cells and these people who claims freedom and well-being? Fascism started at DNA level. It developed as DNA, cell, individual, family, tribe, nation, company, .... A person's well-being is a fascism, it is just the application range is small.

They are the REAL fascists. Fascists only care the specific groups, and ignore others. They care only the whole human being. Therefore, they against the personal freedom and well-being. It is secondary for them. Old fascists only think very small group, like one country. For Leuko, they are not the real fascists. The real fascists consider the human being regardless countries, races, and religious. Leuko said, if the fascists think only a small group is a problem. The extreme is person. The fascist who respects the freedom of a person is the worst fascist, worse than world war II time's fascist.

Leuko's organization entered the next level of the fascism. His fascism only care the human being, that is not global enough. The new wave of the fascism cares the earth, not only just human being. All the living creatures, all the life must be respected in the third level of fascism. One day, the fascism considers the whole universe, and completed. Without his think-support-unit, Umaya doesn't know that the Leuko's fascism is evil or not.

``Welcome to the real fascism.''

I told Billy that the idea is interesting. Fascism is considered an absolute evil, sometimes it's a taboo to even think about it. I think this ``without-thinking'' is dangerous. I think I found it interesting this aspect.

But this story has the similar ending with Kilgore Trout's story ``Welcome to the doghouse''. I suggest maybe he can remove the ending or changing the ending. He confessed that after he read the ``Welcome to the doghouse'', he can not resist to write the ending. But, he agreed that maybe he can remove the ending when he published the story.

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Unselected man

I have a friend who is a writer. He is unsuccessful as Kilgore Trout,  but he is not at all famous like Kilgore Trout. I got a permission from him to write one of his plots here. The title is ``Unselected man''.

Billy is a successful businessman. He is also a charming person. But, he never succeeded with a woman. Actually, his mother also put some distance with him.
The success of business didn't bring him a joy. He tried to find what brings him a joy: looking around the world, try out many hobbies... When he came back to his town, he is only interested in teaching children. He could not find nothing can make a world better other than education.
He quieted his job. He put all his money to establish a small school. He chased his dream and to find a partner who may share his life. But no success. Whenever he feels a woman, the woman said the same answer: ``You are nice. I like you. But, it doesn't feel right.''
One day, he found a story about a polar bear story of Berlin's zoo. Knut is a polar bear, he was abandoned by his mother when he was born. Later he lived with a few female bears together, but they never mated.  He died and people found out that he had a brain disease.  One hypothesis is that maybe this is the reason he was abandoned and no mated. The mother and the female bears just felt it. 
Billy thought one thing. He went to a hospital and find some abnormality in his brain. He thought that is the reason all the women feel something not right on him. His dream was having children and teach them about the world, but he believe it will never happen. One day, he closed his room with black tapes and died. 
The selection of the title is natural selection. The man unselected by natural selection. Maybe I could not summarize his story well, but the main character, Billy, suffered living without accepted. His brain problem was very special in the story, any women feel it. That crystallized to the word, ``It doesn't feel right.'' He tried to live for children, however, he was not selected by the nature. I felt that this is an interesting as an Gedankenexperiment, but not as a story.

I asked Billy (the author), ``Is alive not good sometimes?'' He answered, ``If one suffered because of living, I would say no. I understand some depression patients who didn't feel sad, but, they just didn't feel joy and interesting in the world. That is hard. How I can say them to live.'' I was surprised since I know he suffered such problem. I try to continue, ``I think a life cannot be taken away by a person.'' Though I can not say anymore. He said, ``I agree this ending is not good. It is not yet really published, I wish I could change the end. But, I can not see any other ending so far.'' ``It's too hard to live if a person never accepted. I can easily say you should live if it is just saying, but I don't know what is the end of this story.''
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Memory leak

I have a friend who is a writer. But he only sold 20 books so far, he is  unsuccessful as Kilgore Trout, but he is not at all famous like Kilgore Trout. I got a permission from him to write his plot here. Otherwise, nobody knows him at all. The title of the story is ``Memory leak''.
The main character ``Fred'' in the story is a researcher of ``resurrection''.  It is called ``resurrection'' in general, but he found that is more like a sharing memory with past people. Fred found there are resurrected people who has more than two people's memory. Though many of the case, the contents of the memory is corrupted.
Fred realized he shared his memory with his young six-year-old daughter. The memory share is not necessary with a past person. One day, he lost his wife and his daughter by a space travel accident. He shared a piece of memory with his daughter's last moment. That is physically nonsense, maybe not true. But, he has a hypothesis of this phenomenon: this world is not a physical world. This world is a simulation. There is some kind of bug in the simulation, that is observed as a memory leak. He was in sorrow. Other people think he become crazy. But he try to exploit this bug and try to get back his wife and his daughter. 
There are many SF about a virtual world, including how the magic works and how a time machine works, but in his story, resurrection is cased by a simulation bug. I found it interesting.

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