200906Japan 7.6-8.6

I read "Ginga Hitchhaiku Gaido" (Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy) Douglas Adams. I have read it in English, but I might miss something, so I read this again in Japanese. But, it was so fun in English, it is not so fun in Japanese. But translation seems OK. The book is very difficult to translate, I presume.

I read "The Rules" Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider.I see some of the rules. But in my case I give up such a woman. Maybe many of men will not give up and also I should not? But I think it is better to give up and move on.


Today I visited to Shizuoka and close Sumitomo bank account. This bank has no branch in my city, so it is a bit inconvenient. But around 2000, according my research, I believed this bank was the most convenient bank from outside of Japan.

By the way, I found a nice shop called Yumekoubou in the city. This shop's clerk has a nice accessory and I asked where can I get. Then she introduced me a shop called Ernie Pyle Company & Garden (picture). This shop is amazing.

There is a small park in the city. There is an intermittent convolution (picture). There are some more interesting objects in the city.
I read "Deadeye dick" Kurt Vonnegut. This is fun, but I do not understand why it is so fun. It is easy to read... I like these black wit and warm talk but sometimes includes a small rejections. Maybe this is totally stupid idea, but I feel sometimes Murakami Haruki. They are totally different, but I feel something common at the bottom, a little bit. I love both authors.

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