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Japan2009 19.6-20.6


One of my friend introduced a Karaoke-bar at night. This bar seems rare since it provides real German Beer and dishes. The atmosphere is also nice.

PartIII Karaoke Lounge Mariko
164-0011 Yuni-buru nakano sakaue, Chuuou 1-32-7
Nakano-ku, Tokyo

I came from Germany, so, I usually do not visit to German restaurant while I am in Japan. This is exception because of my friends. I never know this kind of bar in Germany. The most different part is the customer enjoys conversation with the bartender (usually woman). I almost never visit this kind of bar in Japan, because it is difficult to know what kind of bar it is. Some of them are kind of prostitute and super expensive. But most of them you can enjoy the conversation and reasonable price. However, I never visit these bars unless someone with me knows it. This is a nice bar.


I started 6 in the morning. I used Narita express from Shinjyuku to Narita. I came back to Berlin Tegel via Frankfurt. It is pity there is no direct connection from N…

Japan2006 17.6-19.6


I moved to Tokyo. I met K again. But, first I almost visited O's lab. With K, we tried 8 Euro coffee. I think it tasted good, but I am not sure. But the atmosphere was great. I, K, and Y went to a Korean restaurant. Great.


I visited Shiosai park in the morning to see RX-78 type 2 (Gandum). Finally, there is. I took mechanical engineering in the University because of Atom and Gandum. Later, I changed my course to information science, but several of my friends continued to research on robotics. Some foreign people asked me, why there are so many Japanese robotics researchers? Or why Japanese researchers developed walking robot? Because this is a common dream of my generation.

By the way, I can not help to stop reminding Minofski (?) particle with Minkowski sum.

I visited Toukyo mentuu dan. Great. They research only Men (= Pasta) itself. Of course they also have great sauce, but the fundamental is so solid. Then, it is absolutely not necessary to make anything up.

Tezuka Osamu's Black Jack, "Shrinking"

I like several novel authors. My first favorite author is probably Teduka, Osamu. I still love him. The list grows by adding Hoshi, Shinichi, Agatha Christie, Hermann Hesse, and so forth. My first favorite article of Tezuka was Atom as most of the (boy's) Tezuka fans did. But my favorite is Black Jack. I try to summarize one story, it is still quite vivid in my memory. I first read this story when I was 13 - 15 years old. I re-read it at least several times since Black Jack is composed of many short episodes. The title should be "ちぢむ (SHRINKING)" or it might be "縮む(Shrinking)". (It is not so convenient to translate this to English, since English does not have a system to say the exact same word in several ways. So I just simulate it with capital letters.)

Black Jack is a genius surgeon, but he does not have the license. In short, his medical activity is illegal. His skill is top level in the world, but, the fee is also out-of-law expensive.

In the story "S…

Japan 2006 13.6-16.6


It's a bit surprised, but NHK (a Japanese broadcasting) has several interesting TV programs. Nikaku's Seikatu shouhyakka, Turubee no Kazoku ni kanpai, tameshite gatten, The death of Yugoslavia(1996 documentary), Suiensa, Degista, Bakushou gakumon, Alf, Fullhouse, etc..
I read Saisyuuheiki kanojyo (The ultimate weapon, my girlfriend or the last love song on the planet) by Shin Takahashi volume 1 to 7. What a sad story this is. Great.
I read Satorate by Makoto Sato volume 1 to 3. The idea itself is classic like Fukuyama Keiko. A person broadcasts their mind, opposite of mind reader (= Satori in Japanese). However, this story makes this serious story. It's fun.6/14 I walk around in the city. I went though the green load of Fuji.This is the starting point. (picture)

You can find some Japanese rice field. (picture)

This road is originally a train track of Minobu line, that was single track. When the Minobu line becomes double track, the original line becomes a road. Here is ori…

Japan 2006 9.6-12.6


My fixed phone right will be expire next year. I do not have any plan to use it next year, so I decided to sell that. But, I found there is no shop that buy a fixed phone right. There seems no demand. If youknow me and want it, please let me know.

I read "Hitotu ue no puresen" (The next level presentation) Editor:Jun Maki. It seems each famous creators says different, but, I think the bottom line is that "a presentation is communication."

I've got a message from a friend, that says "Problem." I could not read it. This word "Problem" makes me sick. I could not move and eat, so I read some books with drinking water in my bed.


Sick. Stay at home.


I read "the secret of the Jewish Mind" by Eran Katz. Maybe most important thing of learning is dialog or discussion. But, it is a bit questionable if this makes all the success. It seems others are well known. However, believing makes motivation. If I only doubt, I am sure that I can a…

200906Japan 7.6-8.6

6/7 I read "Ginga Hitchhaiku Gaido" (Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy) Douglas Adams. I have read it in English, but I might miss something, so I read this again in Japanese. But, it was so fun in English, it is not so fun in Japanese. But translation seems OK. The book is very difficult to translate, I presume.
I read "The Rules" Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider.I see some of the rules. But in my case I give up such a woman. Maybe many of men will not give up and also I should not? But I think it is better to give up and move on.
Today I visited to Shizuoka and close Sumitomo bank account. This bank has no branch in my city, so it is a bit inconvenient. But around 2000, according my research, I believed this bank was the most convenient bank from outside of Japan.
By the way, I found a nice shop called Yumekoubou in the city. This shop's clerk has a nice accessory and I asked where can I get. Then she introduced me a shop called Ernie Pyle Company & G…

200906Japan 5.6-6.6

I visited a Soba restaurant. Great.

I move to my family'splace. I read "Tensai Yanagisawa kyoujyu no seikatu 17" (A life of genius Prof. Yanagisawa Vol.17) Kazumi Yamashita. It's been long time not to read this series. I missed these books. 6/6 I read "Sugoi kaigi" (Great meetings) Zentaro Oohashi. I was once recommended this book from a company president in Aizu. This book is about meeting. I found it quite useful and maybe I could apply at my work. A nice book.

200906Japan 3.6(night)-4.6

3.6 Night
Night, I met my friend G. He is now famous and gets inviatation letters from internatonal film festivals. I always complained ``I don't understand what is this article.'' But, he always try to explain how it is nice. Recently, I started to understand some of them. Just feel something. This is stereo shadow. This is fun. (picture)
By the way, when I was a student, I bought a theater ticket. I felt that was unique, but, I did not understand it. Then I asked them after the play. Then the director answered, ``What? How impolite you are. How can't you understand my play?'' After few years, I lost the trail of her theatrical company. If you make a sincere question, and the answer was ``How impolite you are.'' Then you made a right question, I believe. The responders need to deceive the question since they cannot answer the question or answering question negates them. I believe both research and software development are based oncommunication. Maybe art…

200906Japan 2.6-3.6

From the morning, I met N (we met yesterday) and T's family. T was my colleague and friend, but he was gone last year. We visit his grave. Good people dies first, Stupids remains.

From Tokyo to Chiba, there is a tunnel-bridge. Half of the way is tunnel and the other is bridge. Why half the way is tunnel and the other half is bridge? A rumor told me that tunnel companies and bridge companies are connected to politician, but, they can not compromise each oher. Then, let's make half is bridge and half is tunnel. This could be lie, but, I can believe it. Connecting bridge and tunnel in the sea requires quite high technology. But here is Japan, politics and concession is more important. Developing a new technology is cheaper than that. The pictures ares from Umihotal, an artificial island connecting the tunnel and the bridge.

(Up:Bridge side, Down Tunnel side)


This is the cutter for boring. This technology used Seikan-tunnel, and later exported to France and England. They u…

200906Japan 30.5 - 1.6

Visit to Japan 5/30 Departure from Berlin. This is my staring point of this journey,Hohenzollerndamm(picture).
This is Frankfurt (am Main) airport. Earlier, this airport is not non-smoking, but now they are separated(picture).

This is my airplane.(picture)
5/31 Arrived at Narita. I stayed at Ueno. It has been long time to visit a Game center (an amusement place). But many of them are now network game, strategy game, or horse simulation. These are not my favorite. But I found PSIKYO's 1945 and I play it an hour. When I open the suitcase, surprise! A can bier has holes.
This day, I washed all my cloths. This is not a hotel, but called weekly mansions. In Japanese, mansion is just a normal room. It's a marketing jargon. This is a bit cheaper than a usual hotel, but no room services. Therefore, I need to cook, wash, and clean the room by myself. If you stay a week, I could recommend this.
This is supermarket near by my ``mansion.'' Recent price tags seems all wireless. (picture…