Malala Yousafzai: UN speech Subtitled (English, Japanese)

October 2012, Malala Yousafzai has been shot by Taliban who against her campaign for children' rights of education. Here is subtitle of her full speech of her 16 years old birthday. English and Japanese. Please use a HTML5 and Javascript supported browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE10, ...) to watch the video. If you have a problem to watch the video, this page is another page to watch the video.


Election of the House of Councilors

Today I visited the Japanese embassy to vote the Saninsen (House of Councilors). It seems LDP will hugely win. The focus is not over half, but 2/3 of the parliament. After the vote, they will restart more than 8 atom reactors. This time I felt the sign of perish of Japan. It is not about atom reactors, the mentality of the country.

Once Japanese faced to a disaster, people cooperated, they invented a new technology, rebuild the city, even a better one. Disasters were hard challenges, but Japanese eventually handle each of them and use them to develop themselves to the next level. Sometimes Japanese made an opportunity from a disaster. This time they even have not been able to rebuild the city in Fukushima, have no concrete plan for the new energy.  Even I hypothesize myself to use atomic reactors, the plutonium thermal use plan has been so delayed, no breeder reactor technology yet, no sign of practical fusion reactor technology, there is no future of light water reactor. Now we depends on the past legacy. Where did the strength of Japan go? When does Japanese start behaving a dying person who don't realize the death is coming, just extend a few more years life?  When? When haven't we seen the future?

I say to myself, Japan is just a country, it is a small things to compare to the whole world. Even so, I don't want to see that is perished. I didn't know that: to see the death of country which once was great, is sad. Especially the country I was grown up.