Japan 2006 13.6-16.6


It's a bit surprised, but NHK (a Japanese broadcasting) has several interesting TV programs. Nikaku's Seikatu shouhyakka, Turubee no Kazoku ni kanpai, tameshite gatten, The death of Yugoslavia(1996 documentary), Suiensa, Degista, Bakushou gakumon, Alf, Fullhouse, etc..

I read Saisyuuheiki kanojyo (The ultimate weapon, my girlfriend or the last love song on the planet) by Shin Takahashi volume 1 to 7. What a sad story this is. Great.

I read Satorate by Makoto Sato volume 1 to 3. The idea itself is classic like Fukuyama Keiko. A person broadcasts their mind, opposite of mind reader (= Satori in Japanese). However, this story makes this serious story. It's fun.6/14 I walk around in the city. I went though the green load of Fuji.This is the starting point. (picture)

You can find some Japanese rice field. (picture)

This road is originally a train track of Minobu line, that was single track. When the Minobu line becomes double track, the original line becomes a road. Here is originally a station. (picture)

The road ended at the Fuji's shopping street. This street was changed a lot compared with 10 years ago. (picture)


I read Sekai no owari to ha-do boirudo wanda-rando. (The end of the world and hard boiled wonderland) by Haruki Murakami.It is great as always. But I felt that the end of the story is a bit sudden.

I read Life strategies by Phillip McGraw. The world is and how Irecognize is the totally different matter. I understand the idea. But this is not so easy. However, this is also a nice book. This holiday,I read three management related book. All three different books from differenty countries and different authors suggest we are on theloser's track. (If I can add Machiavelli, then four.) Hum.

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