200906Japan 30.5 - 1.6

Visit to Japan
Departure from Berlin. This is my staring point of this journey,Hohenzollerndamm(picture).

This is Frankfurt (am Main) airport. Earlier, this airport is not non-smoking, but now they are separated(picture).

This is my airplane.(picture)

Arrived at Narita. I stayed at Ueno. It has been long time to visit a Game center (an amusement place). But many of them are now network game, strategy game, or horse simulation. These are not my favorite. But I found PSIKYO's 1945 and I play it an hour.
When I open the suitcase, surprise! A can bier has holes.

This day, I washed all my cloths. This is not a hotel, but called weekly mansions. In Japanese, mansion is just a normal room. It's a marketing jargon. This is a bit cheaper than a usual hotel, but no room services. Therefore, I need to cook, wash, and clean the room by myself. If you stay a week, I could recommend this.

This is supermarket near by my ``mansion.'' Recent price tags seems all wireless. (picture)

Night, I met my old colleague and friend Mr. N, his wife, andProf. T. Okonomiyaki!

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