Japan2006 17.6-19.6


I moved to Tokyo. I met K again. But, first I almost visited O's lab. With K, we tried 8 Euro coffee. I think it tasted good, but I am not sure. But the atmosphere was great. I, K, and Y went to a Korean restaurant. Great.


I visited Shiosai park in the morning to see RX-78 type 2 (Gandum). Finally, there is. I took mechanical engineering in the University because of Atom and Gandum. Later, I changed my course to information science, but several of my friends continued to research on robotics. Some foreign people asked me, why there are so many Japanese robotics researchers? Or why Japanese researchers developed walking robot? Because this is a common dream of my generation.

By the way, I can not help to stop reminding Minofski (?) particle with Minkowski sum.

I visited Toukyo mentuu dan. Great. They research only Men (= Pasta) itself. Of course they also have great sauce, but the fundamental is so solid. Then, it is absolutely not necessary to make anything up.

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