How to remove the video recording time limitation of a Sony camera (Alpha 5000)

I have a Sony camera (Sony Alpha 5000) and I like it. But I have a problem of limitation of video recording time: 30 minutes.

Today I found a way to remove this limitation. I saw the next video:

The video creator said, we can disable the limit for most of the Sony's camera. I only tested Sony Alpha 5000.

The procedure

Camera preparation

  • Switch on the camera
  • Menu -- Setup --- USB connection, set connection to MTP
  • Switch off and on the camera
  • Connect to a computer with USB cable (keep connecting)

Software download and install (I checked this on Windows 10)

Note: This site is from Sony, but the software is not from Sony, so no guarantee. you should use this your own risk. I can not take any responsibility.

  • From the above URL, you can go to OpenMemories page
  • Download PMCADownloader plugin (PMCADownloader.msi) in the page
  • Install PMCADownloader

I once closed the page and open a page with https://sony-pmca.appspot.com/apps and went to OpenMemories again

  • Now You see in the log
  • Loading plugin
  • Plugin loaded

If you have not installed PMCADownloader yet, you don't see the ``Plugin loaded'' line. It might be better to restart your browser after installed the PMCADownloader.

  • Push ``Get camera info'' to test the plugin is working. If it is working, you will see your camera information in a several seconds.
  • Push ``Install OpenMeories: Tweak'' to install the tweak application to the camera
Disconnect the camera from your computer.
  • Menu -- Application -- Application list, you see OpenMemories: Tweak installed
  • Select OpenMemories: Tweak
  • Select the video tab, check the ``Disable video recording limit''
Now the limit became 13 hours. I presume this limit is depends on the free memory size.

I tested to record, but around one hour, it shut down with a message like ``internal temperature is too high and cool down''. Still this error message actually helps me. Because the normal mode silently shutdown and I could not notice it.


What a referendum really asking is...

What the referendum is really asking is....
Figure 1: Original brexit ballot paper

A problem of referendum is that people misunderstand the question all the time.
Figure 2: This is how most of the people saw the ballot paper
But the real question (at least the intention was...)
Figure 3: This is how the people should see.
The problem of referendum (or actually any vote) is people vote by feeling without thinking.

I enjoy reading Yuval Noah Harari's books.