200906Japan 2.6-3.6

From the morning, I met N (we met yesterday) and T's family. T was my colleague and friend, but he was gone last year. We visit his grave. Good people dies first, Stupids remains.

From Tokyo to Chiba, there is a tunnel-bridge. Half of the way is tunnel and the other is bridge. Why half the way is tunnel and the other half is bridge? A rumor told me that tunnel companies and bridge companies are connected to politician, but, they can not compromise each oher. Then, let's make half is bridge and half is tunnel. This could be lie, but, I can believe it. Connecting bridge and tunnel in the sea requires quite high technology. But here is Japan, politics and concession is more important. Developing a new technology is cheaper than that. The pictures ares from Umihotal, an artificial island connecting the tunnel and the bridge.

(Up:Bridge side, Down Tunnel side)


This is the cutter for boring.
This technology used Seikan-tunnel, and later exported to France and England. They used to bore the tunnelbetween them.This is a scene from my friend's grave.
Night, I met friend from MPI and others. All are good, nice.
First, I asked to join K's class. It was fun. I also asked to joinmy friend's O's seminar. But I feel a bit strange. I could not feel joy from students. But, I do not need to be afraid that since O is a first class researcher. Last time I visited to a lab. That was M's lab, I know him from MPI. Students were active and they want to tell me their research. Even they do not know me, they think talking about their research creates some new idea. They do for themself, but it is simultaneously for my hospitality. That was great.

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