Memory leak

I have a friend who is a writer. But he only sold 20 books so far, he is  unsuccessful as Kilgore Trout, but he is not at all famous like Kilgore Trout. I got a permission from him to write his plot here. Otherwise, nobody knows him at all. The title of the story is ``Memory leak''.
The main character ``Fred'' in the story is a researcher of ``resurrection''.  It is called ``resurrection'' in general, but he found that is more like a sharing memory with past people. Fred found there are resurrected people who has more than two people's memory. Though many of the case, the contents of the memory is corrupted.
Fred realized he shared his memory with his young six-year-old daughter. The memory share is not necessary with a past person. One day, he lost his wife and his daughter by a space travel accident. He shared a piece of memory with his daughter's last moment. That is physically nonsense, maybe not true. But, he has a hypothesis of this phenomenon: this world is not a physical world. This world is a simulation. There is some kind of bug in the simulation, that is observed as a memory leak. He was in sorrow. Other people think he become crazy. But he try to exploit this bug and try to get back his wife and his daughter. 
There are many SF about a virtual world, including how the magic works and how a time machine works, but in his story, resurrection is cased by a simulation bug. I found it interesting.

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