I believe that the education is only the possible solution to make the world better. Would you like to join me? (In English)

This is a English translation of the last post.

Hi onigiri people,

How are you? Not seen for a long time.

I am still thinking about how I can help the Tsunami victims in  Tohoku. Although for most of the people, this is an old story. If so, you can skip the rest of my letter. You might have found a new challenging mission.

If you still care, Welcome. I finally got an idea.

I read an article about Tsunami victim children who have a problem to catch up the class in their school. I cannot stop thinking how can I help them.

I believe that the education is only the hope to solve real long term problems. But how can I help? A few months ago, I found the people who have the similar idea and they have implemented the system to help. It's free, but they need voluntary help.

It's called Kahn academy: "Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. We're a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere." I found this web page is fantastic. I take some biology and mathematics courses on this site. Unfortunately, it is only in English. But, we can voluntarily translate the site.

The number of uses of this site is more than millions. Isn't it great if Japanese or German children can also use it? For me it is just sad if children can not use the system because of just the language.

This work is steady, not a one time party. But this has an long-term impact to the world. I only work 30 minutes a day. Though I continue every day. If some of you join, the goal will be nearer.

The founder, Salman Kahn's talk. Introduced by Bill Gates.

An interview of teachers who use the Kahn academy.

Here is how to join the translation (Japanese, German, ...).
  1. Visit https://crowdin.net/join and sign up for a Crowdin account.
  2. Under "Edit Profile" select your "Assistance Languages."
  3. Visit https://crowdin.net/project/khanacademy to select a language.
  4. Click the green "translate" button on the next page.
  5. Start translating!

I am so happy if you just think about the possibility of changing the world to be better.

Thanks a lot.

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