Fascist hunter

I have a friend who is a writer. He is unsuccessful as Kilgore Trout, but he is not at all famous like Kilgore Trout. The title of today's story is ``Fascist hunter.''

Umaya is a fascist hunter. A fascist hunter is a bounty hunter who catches people who are called ``real fascism.'' It is difficult to find a real fascist. Since usually they are no different from the normal citizen. Each country's government has a problem to find them out and put a quite high award on them. The real fascist seems well organized. In Umaya's world, people need to pay tax for alive. If someone could not pay the tax, the one will be suspended. Although everyone has a right to alive at least one year per five years. Umaya failed his business once and he was in a cold sleeping machine for four years.

Umaya needed some money quickly. The hunter job is high risk, but also high return. Every hunter must put a think-support-unit in his brain. Because it is believed that the real fascist has a good brainwashing method. Many hunters never returned and sometimes they are found in the real fascist. This think-support-unit whispers to the brain that ``the most important human rights are person's freedom and the right of personal well-being'' and the brain feels it. This is believed to be able to against the brainwashing of the real fascist.

Sometimes the real fascists are hard to distinguish from the normal citizen. But this time there are victims. One is a high manager of a huge energy company and the other is the chief researcher of a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation.

Umaya finally can be able to contact with a doctor who is called Leuko. Umaya suspected Leuko is a member of the real fascists. Umaya hid himself and he pretended to be interested in the real fascists. However, Leuko ans his friends never show any proof that they are the member of the real fascists. Leuko frequently visits some public schools and voluntarily gave some classes. Umaya once visited his class since he suspected there is some kind of brainwashing in the class. Children in the class show interests of the class. Leuko teach a biology class including what is cell and so on. He explains when cells grow too much, they restrict themselves not to grow anymore. Sometimes not so healthy cells suicides called Apoptosis. These suicidal cells make more room for the healthy cells. If every cell eats as it wants, and every cell wants to grow as it wants, the healthy cell can not survive anymore. These cells are called cancer cells. Umaya cannot find any brainwashing activity from these classes.

Umaya tries to find how can he prove Leuko is one of the real fascists. But one day, he got into too deep and captured by the real fascists. His think-support-unit has been removed. But Umaya never got any brainwashing.

Leuko explained the activity of their organization. They are a non-profit company. Their mission is saving the human species. They believe that sometimes the person's freedom and human being existence contradict. He shows an example that one person consumes energy to fulfill one's comfort, but if everyone consume such amount of energy, the children of the human being has no energy left. The person's happiness endangers the human being existence. What is the difference between cancer cells and these people who claims freedom and well-being? Fascism started at DNA level. It developed as DNA, cell, individual, family, tribe, nation, company, .... A person's well-being is a fascism, it is just the application range is small.

They are the REAL fascists. Fascists only care the specific groups, and ignore others. They care only the whole human being. Therefore, they against the personal freedom and well-being. It is secondary for them. Old fascists only think very small group, like one country. For Leuko, they are not the real fascists. The real fascists consider the human being regardless countries, races, and religious. Leuko said, if the fascists think only a small group is a problem. The extreme is person. The fascist who respects the freedom of a person is the worst fascist, worse than world war II time's fascist.

Leuko's organization entered the next level of the fascism. His fascism only care the human being, that is not global enough. The new wave of the fascism cares the earth, not only just human being. All the living creatures, all the life must be respected in the third level of fascism. One day, the fascism considers the whole universe, and completed. Without his think-support-unit, Umaya doesn't know that the Leuko's fascism is evil or not.

``Welcome to the real fascism.''

I told Billy that the idea is interesting. Fascism is considered an absolute evil, sometimes it's a taboo to even think about it. I think this ``without-thinking'' is dangerous. I think I found it interesting this aspect.

But this story has the similar ending with Kilgore Trout's story ``Welcome to the doghouse''. I suggest maybe he can remove the ending or changing the ending. He confessed that after he read the ``Welcome to the doghouse'', he can not resist to write the ending. But, he agreed that maybe he can remove the ending when he published the story.

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