Egon the rabbit and me: The wonder of finding an invisible planet (1)

Part 1

I feel peace when I sit beside Egon. He is just eating leaves of carrot. I talk with him. In reality, I may just talk with myself. Still I feel there is a conversation with him.

I: One of my friends told me, ``It's a wonder that mathematics and physics find an invisible planet by computing something. It's like a magic.''

Egon: ...

I: Actually I don't feel wonder. It's great we can find a planet, but I don't feel it as a magic.

Egon: ...

Egon usually doesn't answer a topic which he is not interested in. I thought he was not interested in this topic, but, actually not.

Egon: Thinking something wonder, it is great, I presume.

I: Humm, well, there is the law of gravity, and if you think it is real, finding an invisible planet is not a magic. It is a great thing, but not a magic.

Egon: Not that. The greatness of thinking wonder. I think you saw a lot of wonder or magics in the world when you are a child.

I: ...

Egon: If you lost your sense of wonder, I recommend that you think about it. Why you had a lot of wonder.

I: Why I had a sense of wonder. I still feel wonder, it is just different from before.

Egon: You are sure? I feel wonder when I couldn't find it in my world. I never saw something like that.

I: My world has expanded. So I lost the wonder?

Egon: The world, or the universe is huge. I don't know how large your world is. But, I bet your world is less than half of the universe.

I: ...

Egon: What do you say if I said, ``I am a rabbit, so I know everything about rabbit.''

I: I believe you don't know something about rabbit.

Egon: You gave me a mushroom yesterday. It was delicious. That was my first time of eating mushroom. It was a new discovery. I suppose there are more food in the world which I don't know yet.

I: Do you suggest that I don't look outside anymore because I am satisfied current my world?

Egon: Your friend is not a scientist, and not a child, isn't she?

I: No, she isn't.

Egon: That friend said, ``It's a wonder that mathematics and physics find an invisible planet by computing something. It's like a magic.'' How nice it is.

I: Someone who don't see the outside their world doesn't feel any wonder. Because everything around is familiar. Do you think I am in that situation?

Egon: Maybe.

I: I need to think what I still feel wonder.

Egon: Sounds good.

I try to remember when I had a lot of sense of wonder. Most of everything was magic. At that time, touching new knowledge was fun.  My family had a series of encyclopedia. I spend a lot of time for reading them: World climate, world map, history, plants, insects, fish, human body, and so on. I still remember the illustration of inside the earth, explanation of plate tectonics and the mechanism of earthquake. It also shows how the plates organized and the distribution of earthquake points and volcanoes, they match. It shows how we understand the relationship between earthquake and volcanoes. I just realized, my parents gave me some milestones here and there, even they didn't understand what is in the encyclopedia.

I and Egon had no words for a while. Because I was thinking about the wonder. I don't know why Egon was silent. Maybe he just didn't have a thing to talk. I wonder: Did I become arrogant? Did I think my world is enough large? Is that the reason I lost the sense of wonder?... Maybe I became arrogant, at least partially. But I think I am not yet completely arrogant. Some wonder might diminished because I could understand some of them now. I became familiar with my world. But I still have a huge unknown world beyond the edge of my small world. Expanding my world a bit, that might be a leaning. Therefore, my wonder thing became a great thing. I slowly started talking again.

(To be continued)

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