Egon the rabbit and me: Refugees

I: These days, a lot of war refugees are coming.

Egon: If you talk about nothing can help human being, I had enough from you. You could live like rabbits. You could live like clever dolphins.

I: When I think about the cause, yes, nothing can help human being. The people who made the cause don't care at all at far distance. I just think about connection with me.

Egon: You have any connection with refugees?

I: Refugees are enormous chance for this country, at the same time, they are huge danger, too. This country has the aging problem, decreasing population problem. If 800,000 refugees could be the positive power for this country, this country would have huge success. If they join to the industry of this country, contribute to the knowledge, pay tax, pension, medical insurance, ... what a enormous chance. On the other hand, if they became just a burden, that would be a huge problem.

Egon: Human always fail since they are stupid. Even they know it, they will fail.

I: I think this is similar to the child education. Child education is a enormous chance. But if someone did without love, the failure is unavoidable. I teach math to children two hours per week. I hope this helps children. Actually, this helps me a lot. I found it is fun. Taking care of my friend's children is also fun. Although, that might be because it is just a one or two days per month.

Egon: Then, you are now talking with a rabbit. Are you OK? I am afraid that your math students are OK or not.

I: Actually, I like people of this country. Well, probably a specific country doesn't matter. I like people in general.

Egon: You sounds like strange as a human being.

I: I would like to teach math to children of refugees. If my German or English is fine, I would like to teach if there is some demand. I would like to learn their idea.

Egon: Is it your idea? How much you can do? It doesn't make sense if you could not continue for a long time.

I: I think I can do it two hours per week.

Egon: Humm. You sounds like you are a big mouse and do too little.

I: I did teach four hours per week for two years, I still want to teach Berlin kids two hours per week, so maybe two hours per week for refugees is a good amount.

Egon: ...

I: A big chance is simultaneously a big danger. In the case of the child education, you usually have more time. But, I am thinking two years later. In 2017, the people of this country don't like foreign people or not is depends on now.

Egon: What is your expectation?

I: I don't know. One of my friends, who is not a xenophobia, expects the government will fail.

Egon: First of all, a xenophobia cannot be your friend. You don't need explain that. Will you prepare to run away from here?

I: Not really. One man in this country attacked me. But many people accepted me. So I will be a part time fighter.

Egon: Fighter? A part time?

I: A fighter to incomprehension and intolerance. I will fight them by part time, two hours a week, with a weapon called teaching. No military power won incomprehension and intolerance. I believe my part time fight has much more chance.

Egon: You can always win by a military power. Human being has a power to self destruction. Only human being can be incomprehension and intolerance. Think logically, if there is no human being in the world, all the problem will be solved.

I: When all the strange people like me, and everyone becomes normal. The self destruction of human being will be realized. So I just postpone to think about that happens when it happened.

Egon: Then, where do you start.

I: This one. Conversation with you, Egon.

Egon: ...

To the Readers of this blog. When you know something I could do for refugees in Berlin. Please leave it as a comment. Thank you!

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