Cover the bad 2015

Today I would like to introduce our new product, ``Cover the bad 2015 (model: black).''

Cover the bad 2015 (model: black)

I know, you think this is just a normal duct tape, but this product will improve your quality of life.

You identify a bad.
When you see this kind of sticker, that expanding a hate, it is not good  for your healthy mind. I know you pay the tax, you pay the pension for the elders, ... You wonder why someone returns the words like this. You must be shocked!

Now you can use ``Cover the bad 2015 (model: black)''. Let's cover it like this.

Usage of cover the bad 2015
How is that? Your pocket has a room for ``Cover the bad 2015 (model: black)''. For fashionable person like you, we have various models: red, yellow, orange, gray. Try it out today!

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