Eigenvalue and transfer function (4)

Eigenvalue and Eigenvector

Scalar case

Let's start with multiplication of scalars.

3 x 4 = 12

If I could use variables a,x,b:

ax = b.

The first example shows x=4 times a=3 equals b =12. Here, I multiply x a times. I didn't multiply a times x. In the scalar case, these have no difference since the following commutative law works on scalars.

ax = xa

Please note, this is not always correct. Even we can not exchange the meaning in the scalar numbers. For example, assume there is a chocolate box that costs five Euro. We can buy two packages. This is 2 times 5 = 10 Euro. This is not two's 5 Euro time. We can double the 5 Euro chocolate, but we can not see five Euro time doubles. Usually it doesn't make sense: five Euro times (five times works, five Euro times has a problem). So I remind the order of operator is also important since vector is more strict about the operations.

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