Ryouma ga yuku by Shiba Ryoutarou

I finaly finish to read "Ryouma ga yuku" by Shiba Ryoutarou. My problem is how to get the books. This time, my friend's sister visited Germany, I asked her to carry the last two volumes. I spent the whole Saturday to read them. It was so exciting and I couldn't stop to read them. I don't so prefer other Shiba's books, therefore I haven't read this until now. What a stupid I am. I didn't understand Shiba's book when I was a high school student. Maybe I was not enough mature to understand them.

住みなすものは心なりけり. 高杉晋作
(Even if the world has no fun, our mind is a possibility to make it fun.
 Takasugi Shinsaku) (This is just one of possible translations. I cannot translate this well.)

光となるは,竜馬の言葉. 山内斉
(Every day, my mind is easily covered by darkness and depression,
 Ryouma's word lit in my mind. Yamauchi Hitoshi)

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