Real Professionals

Yesterday, I read a modest article, yet impressive for me. A staff of MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) found an iniquity from one receipt and and protect a lot of people's health. This is a real professional.


If I believe this article, magnificent. I thank the staff in MAFF. Also, the people support him/her. Since sometimes one found something, it doesn't come up to the managers. (Some managers sometimes corrupted and later it becomes a big scandal.) This time, it seems MAFF also has a part of responsibility, but, they did it right. I hope these are properly evaluated and awarded.

I have an impression on yesterday's articles as not a usual day: A son of a drag king tries to propitiate with his father's issues, 15 years ago's unsolved murder, an American (living in Berlin) is against Hiroshima's anti-nuclear movement ceremony in Potsdam, and so on.

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