In 2020, a nation is peacefully colonized

In 2020, X Y, a country A made a declaration of bankruptcy after the many years of financial crisis. The country will be auctioned by other countries soon. This is probably the first colonization without any military actions in the human history. The country A cannot postponed to pay their debt to the future anymore.

Currently there are many problems in the world.
  • The size of the economy of country A is not small, the suzerain country will also have a risk.
  • Currently most possible suzerain is either country B or C. However, the debt of country A is huge and the risk is too high.
  • So called Terrorism quasi-country D declared to buy the country A. The spokesman of quasi-country D mentioned, they voluntarily help the country A, but international society thinks the country D wants to recognized as a real country. So, they try to buy it. The people of country A and international society against the country D's plan. However, what is the problem anyone the thing which has the price tag? Isn't that against the capitalism?
  • There is an instability problem inside the country A. The generation who got money and the next generation who must pay back are against each other.
  • The country G might declare the bankruptcy soon. But currently a civil war is going on inside the country G. The parents kill their children and the children kill their parents. It's not a human society anymore. One of the suzerain candidate countries of the country A mentioned the plan: organize an peace army by the country A's people and use it for the world peace for the debt. There are a lot of complains, but no countries has officially disagreed.
  • A ultra right-wing politics emerged in the country H and selected their dictator. The dictator analysed the economic problem comes from their next country and declared the war. However, the country H's industry was quite weak as the economy has no substance. They lost the war due to bankruptcy in three days.
On the other hand, a new economy network is emerging. Most of them are city based. Some city invested local energy, such as solar, wind powers, they also invested agriculture. They are now independent from the global energy and food network and not influenced by the global economy. Even their life level is not so high, though, their economy is not growing oriented, but sustainable oriented. These cities created an economical network. Nations controlled movement of people, goods, and energy. But they have minimal but enough goods and energy, so they are not controlled by the nations. In this world, information is more variable, and their network provides information exchange. This economy is not shown in GDP, but it is estimated substantial. They have established own currency based on information value.

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