Stopping is not enough

Earthquake in Kyusyu, Japan still continues. No one knows when it completely stops yet. I care the people there and I also afraid the nuclear reactors they are still running there. (Japan only has two running reactors now, both are in Kyusyu area where the earthquake continues. The number of earthquakes more than scale 1 is 770 times so far.)

There are several petition to stop the reactors now. I also joined. But, technically stopping them are not enough. Most of Japanese facility only have water cooling pools for nuclear fuels. If such pool had a crack by an earthquake and lost the water, it is dangerous. How do they stably supply cooling water, the earthquake can be a cause of trouble. Just loosing the electricity of the pumps causes an accident. All the reactors in Fukushima stopped when the earthquake came, but they could not maintain to cool the fuels. That we saw five years ago.

To avoid an accident, we need to think about after stopping the reactors. I agree, let's first stop them. But that is not enough for safety.

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