Super Tuesday

I am visiting US. Coincidentally, there was the super Tuesday. Some news  show Trump's domination. His motto is ``Make america great again''. However, his definition of word `great' is quite different from I know. He wants to build a wall on southern border and Mexico should pay it. He doesn't believe climate change. He wants to remove the public health care. He wants to bomb ISIS. He wants to restore the death penalty. (See http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/us/elections/donald-trump-on-the-issues.html)

Currently, he is winning. I have a problem to understand of his definition of 'great'. If there is a problem inside a country, then the reason is outside (e.g., Mexico wall). If there is a problem, he just doesn't believe that (e.g., climate change), and so on. If he won, I am afraid what he would do. I can easily imagine it is a war to one of (or some of) ISIS, Russia, China, Mexico, some of Islamic countries, .... I am also afraid who actually fight in such war. If I remember correctly, he also mentioned the US is always protecting alliance, so next the alliance should fight. I cannot imagine the EU follows him, but then, Japan and Korea are most likely. I hope my imagination is all wrong. But I also feel my hope may be quite fragile.

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