How to count zombis in Japanese?

``I don't know how to count zombies in Japanese.'' I voluntarily translate mathematics exercises in Khan academy (https://www.khanacademy.org/) from English to Japanese/German.  You can learn anything on Khan academy.

When I translate the following question:
Liliana used 4 dark power crystals to raise 14 zombie soldiers. She wants to know how many zombie soldiers (z) she can raise with 10 dark power crystals...
In Japanese, when you count, you added postfix depends on what you count. I know how to count people: 1人,2人, 3人. But, is a zombie a person? A zombie could be an animal, then, I should count them 1匹,2匹, 3匹.  Wait, is a zombie a dead body? Then I should count them 1体,2体, 3体. A zombie could be a novel ghost, then 1柱,2柱... The question told me they are zombie soldiers. Soldiers are the same as the people, then 1 人,2人, 3人. In the end, I decided to translate them as 1人,2人, 3人, this means a zombie is a person.

I like translation work like this, quite interesting. You can join the Khan academy internationalization for your own language. (https://www.khanacademy.org/contribute)

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