Mad world dance in Berlin

I saw a dance in front of the Brandenburger Tor yesterday.

I was surprised that a dance has such expression ability. So many things I don't know yet.

Mad world dance in Berlin (2014.3.8)
In the main part of the dance, without so much explanations, I can see (or it may just my misunderstandings) the Olympic athletes swim to the Fukushima daiichi led by the prime minister Shinzo Abe who declared "the "The radioactively contaminated water has been completely blocked." Then, Abe did nothing, but to demonstrate the fish safety, he ate the fish near the power plant. and so on.

My favorite part of this dance is the ending comment. Many can do satire and say, "oh bad... What's going on", I think it is important to show what is the problem, though, it's a bit depressing. 

But the dancer's last comment was "Let's make a different future because it is possible if we all do something." I think this is a great message for the hope. 

I like this dance and recommend to see, here you can find the movie. http://vimeo.com/88526070

By the way, the government decision announce page related leakage has been removed  http://japan.kantei.go.jp/96_abe/decisions/2013/osensui_e.html. You can see the page in the Google cache with search keyword "Fukushima daiichi contaminated water" and follow the link. This may be some page reorganization, but it's a bit inconvenient.) and again, 100 ton's 2.3*10^9 Bq/l  water leakage. (http://www.asahi.com/articles/ASG2N35BPG2NULBJ005.html) 2014.2.20.

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