Authors in a Markov matrix Part 2 (9) Experimental results: Which author do people find most inspiring?

This time is a follow up discussion of the result.

No link found problem

We have an impression there are some amount of Japanese author links that have no reference page in German Wikipedia. We didn't check the exact numbers, but while we debugged the program, we looked into several pages. A typical no link reference case is, for instance, a page mentioned about 良寛 (Ryōkan) has a link to Ryokan, or Sōseki link to Seseki, and so on. These special characters are often omitted, this causes no link reference found.

Cross reference between Wikipedia

It was relatively easy to make a cross reference list between English and German Wikipedia results since these Wikipedias share how to write the author names, i.e., using the Latin character set. However, Japanese Wikipedias uses Japanese characters for the author's name. For example, Lowis Carroll is ルイス・キャロル in Japanese Wikipedia. In Japanese Wikipedia has the information also in Latin characters, but, the Wiki page keys are all in Japanese. To make a cross reference table, we need to have a Japanese written name to Latin written name map. We could not find a easy way to do that this time, therefore, there is no cross reference between English and Japanese results, or between German and Japanese results. This is also a future work.

Correlating with other data

We have some discussion with our friends about these results. They have some interesting questions. Especially they are interested in correlating with some other data:

  • Correlating Nobel prize winner and PageRank results
  • Are there any correlation between Wikipedia's writer and PageRank result. For example, if a few specific Wikipedia writers are actively writing the articles, are there any bias of these Wikipedia writers bias in the PageRank results?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is 10th in Japanese Wiki

The rank of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is 10th in Japanese Wikipedia. This is unexpectedly low for us. However, the total number of Japanese Wikipedia pages that can construct a valid graph is only 31. The number of pages is too low and a slightly different link structure may change the result. By the way, the first rank of German writers in Japanese Wikipedia is Gerhart Hauptmann.

This was a long article, but, now we are close to the end. Next time, I will present the conclusion of this theme.

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