Skewed Commutative (?) Matrix (3)


This early of May, I visited to Norrkoeping in Sweden to perticipate a conference. This city is fantastic. Although it is neither a big city nor having a famous sight seeing point, the people living there are just nice.

I arrived at there very late, around 1 am, yet it is planned, so I took a taxi to go to my hostel. The taxi driver found the address, but we could only see a train station, not see the hostel. Then the driver stopped the meter and looked for the hostel. In this case, the driver usually doesn't stop the meter, I was already impressed. Later we know the hostel was there, the 1st floor of the train station was actually the hostel.

We found a small sign, that tells hostel, so I thanked him and he left. But, now the door of the hostel is closed and I found out there is no door opened. I found a sign that it seems the opening time, but it is in Swedish except numbers. If it is the opening time, I need to wait until 5 o'clock in the morning. I've got totally lost.Unfortunately, my handy phone didn't find the network, so didn't work.

Then, one guy was just passing and told me, ``Would you like to get in there?'' I was a bit cautious, but I found no other help. He asked me, ``Do you have a number?'' I first didn't get, but, he meant the number of hostel. I showed the number, then he took his handy phone and call somewhere.

I paid this conference by my own, so I tried to find something reasonable. Most of the hotels that has English web pages were kind of expensive. Fortunately, I have a Swedish friend and he helped me out to find some cheaper place, but these have Swedish web pages only. Later I found out that I should call the hostel when the door is closed. At the end, the kind guy gave me two numbers, one is to open the front door, the other is the number of safe that has my room key.

Everything goes like that in this city. When I bought a hotdoc, I did not have enough coins, one Krone is missing. I gave a note, but the shop keeper just took the coins still one Krone less. In the other shop when I bought two bottles of water, then they recommended a special cheaper combination is now under offer. When I paid the hostel fee, I unconsciously put my credit card into my pocket, but I usually kept it my wallet, so I thought I lost the credit card. The woman in the hostel helped me to search the card. It turned out it is my mistake, she  was glad together. It is really nice people there in Noorkoepping.

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