A personal annotations of Veach's thesis (1)

Eric Veach's doctor dissertation -- Robust monte carlo methods for light transport simulation -- is famous of its great contents, its clarity, and its completeness. Some of my friends recommended me the paper and this time I decided to read it. Basically, it is not necessary to add any annotation to this paper, but, there are some difficult part for the person who is not a specialist of rendering technique, like myself. Therefore, I would put some notes for myself.

What is the Eric Veach's paper

Computer graphics less cares about the physically correctness since the computation cost is very high. They rather concentrated to generate nice images which looks like real for human perception, but, not necessary to physically correct. However, if you want to a reality, simulating it is the straghtforward way and no cheating. This paper explain a method that tries to achieve physical correctness and robustness. I think this is a great paper.

How to get the paper

Download it from http://graphics.stanford.edu/papers/veach_thesis/ .

Introduction of Veach's paper

I think the best method to introduce this paper is reading the paper's introduction. Here is a Japanese translation of Introduction of the paper. First, I will translate it one to one, sentence by sentence. If I felt that becomes difficult as Japanese, I will translate another version, more readable Japanese version. It should be readable and one to one translation, but, it might not possible to translate in that way because lack of my translation skill.

To be continued...

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