Egon the rabbit and me

``Do you have a voice?'', I spontaneously asked a rabbit, when I was reading a economy book. ``It seems people's productivity is increasing, the world population is saturating, why does the world still have a lot of problems?''

The rabbit was looking at me. His name is Egon. Today is Stig's first day of school. ``You don't know why?'' Egon said so, or maybe a part of me told me as Egod told me. I answered, ``Yes, I don't know. I can say human being is stupid, but, that answer doesn't help me even if it is true.'' Egon kept silence, so I thought it was some audible hallucination.

I looked at the cage. ``Is your cage too small for you?'' I asked Egon.

Egon: ``It's small. I rather want to have large one. How is yours?''

I: ``... Mine? I don't have one.''

Egon: ``Don't you see yours? You made it yourself, and you put yourself in it. As far as I know, only human being does that.''

I: ``Do you mean jail? Usually no one wants to put themselves in it.''

Egon: ``No. don't you build a cage, called a city?''

I: ``... How a city can be a cage?''

Egon: ``Before you build a city. Everyone can sit anywhere. Now you can only freely sit your small part. Some people even doesn't have own place. Most of the city you cannot sit freely. Maybe you don't see the physical cage, but, what is the difference?''

I: ``... I see, interesting. I haven't think about the city in that way.''

Egon: ``Not only the physical ones. You build a system called capitalism or whatever. Then you put yourself in it. Even if you think it will be collapse or is dangerous, people like to put themselves in it. You even afraid to lose your cage.''

I: ``...''

Egon and me

Egon stopped talking here. I start realizing I am actually in a cage. No, I am in multiple cages. A city, political system, energy system, language I can use, ... I thought these are for better life, but Egon told me all of them can be limitation... a cage. I thought the human being is the third clever animal on the earth, but now I am thinking we are behind the rabbit, so at least forth.

Egon: ``You might overrated your life too much. You could find some balance.''

I: ``I overrated it too much. We made nations, army, political system, economy system, energy system, etc. to protect us, but actually they could also destroy us. Do you think this is our problem?''

Egon: ``Maybe so, maybe not.''

Sun is going down. Stig took out Egon from his cage and put him into his sleeping cage.  ``Egon, do you have a voice, like audible voice?'', I asked again. ``Is it really important? You take care the overrating something.'', he answered.

He was busy to eat his vegetable in the cage. ``Did he mean this is a kind of another cage? I always want to hear some audible voice? That is actually not so important?'' I am not sure at that time, but I think I saw Egon was smiling.

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