Myron Krueger's Amazing demo in 1988.

Myron Krueger's Amazing demo in 1988.

This video below is Myron Krueger's 1988's demo. It is one of the origin of virtual reality and the interactive art. It includes 'zoom in' gesture by two fingers and moving around a figure by hand or finger gesture. It is common in these days on a smart phone and a tablet. (see around 4:30).


But I have a bit strange side story. last year (2012), Apple win Samsung in lawsuit and get 1 billion dollars. One of the Apple's inventions is this zoom in effect by fingers.


Apple invented this ``technology'' in 2005 as I read.

More strangely, someone invented this technology in 1993, and he won the lawsuit against Apple.

Myron Krueger's demo is magnificent in many ways. The demo itself is great. It also shows these lawsuit has no meaning, and also shows the case of the patent system isn't working.

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