NVIDIA Quadro 10000M (Lenovo W520): Updaing to Kubuntu 12.04LTS from 11.10

Problem when update Kubuntu 11.10 to Kubuntu 12.04LTS on Lenovo W520

When I updated the Kubuntu 11.10 to 12.04LTS, there were some problems I encountered.
  • I can not boot Linux anymore (Black screen with the cursor on top).
  • I can not even boot by the Kubuntu install disk (DVD).
There seemed two problems.
  • The install disk problem: it doesn't support NVIDIA Quadro 10000M card.
  • The Linux boot loader's entry address might be changed.


  • Setup BIOS: Graphics card to Integration Graphics (not Discrete card, not Optimus). Then you can boot from the boot DVD disk. Then do the  http://shitohichiumaya.blogspot.de/2012/01/dualboot-with-wde-whole-disk-encryption.html, "Dual boot set up from Windows 7 partition" section. You may want to delete the old boot loading entry, if so, please see "Delete the boot entry" below.
  • Install the NVIDIA driver from your package manager. There is 295.40 driver is there. This works for Quadro 10000M.
  • Switch back to Graphics card BIOS settings to "discrete graphics card".

Delete the boot entry

  • On Windows 7, open the command prompt. Use "bcdedit /v" command to see which boot entries are there. You can see the boot entry IDs.
  • Type: bcdedit /delete {BootEntryID}
  • Be careful of this command! This is a dangerous command. Don't remove the necessary entries.

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