Foldable Computer

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If I remember correctly, when I was a high school student, there was a exhibition near a station. The theme was Children's dream and it was provided by a Kindergarten. Each child draws a picture with a title "I wish it was ..." Some already drew a picture to please their parents. Some others were totally free from anything. One of my friend G is a designer and once told me that "A picture by a child is very strong and I sometimes feel I can never overcome their drawing." He also said, "They never consider an object must have some three dimensional constraint. They draw as they feel when they saw a thing, which is totally irrelevant what they saw. Their drawings have overwhelming power." When a child feel "The mouth is big!", then she/he draws a mouth that is larger than the face without any doubt. He even feels some kind of fear in their picture with incredible freedom.

I remember one of them, "Flexible sized television." A boy wanted to have a television, which expands when he pulled it. All his family pulled their television to make it larger in the picture.

For more than 10 years, quite a few times I was disappointed to see a new television. It is just larger and still I can not change the screen size. Still we can not make a resizable TV, a notebook, or iPod. I may buy one if it is resizable.

I remember I told about this story with a friend he passed away last week. We told a lot of things including this TV. I told him other rather boring stories, like "Current computer graphics is not good at to make the scene dirty. A city has no garbage, all the pitching street has no defect, all the windows are perfectly clean, and all the cars are new." I remember he told me "Indeed, the real world is filled by dirtiness. This poster has a fold." when we walked along a super market just has opened. He always listened my such boring stories.

One day, the resizable TV would be invented. Today, I heard about the foldable display. Oh my friend, I miss you that we could not talk with how the world is changing. I never knew we spend such a precious time.

Foldable Displays http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=nhSR_6-Y5Kg
UIST 2008 (http://www.acm.org/uist/uist2008/)

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