Bookstore and me

This article is neither about a computer nor mathematics, but bookstore.

When my friends visit me from Japan, I always ask some books. I even asked books when one of my friend's sister comes from Japan. I also order books via Amazon.co.jp, but delivery cost is significant, so I could not do it so often. I am not sure nowadays Japan's bookstore. I like the bookstore concentrate the books, but, Internet bookstore also has the same books. Then, the small shops becomes obsolete.

Here in Germany, many of the bookstore has a cafe, also put sofas, sometimes playground for children. When I was a kid, my parents put me a bookstore in a department store, I was quite happy. Though, I once kicked out the bookstore since I read whole books in one shelf without buying.

In Muenchen, Marienplaz, there is a bookstore that has a cafe. From the cafe, you can see the famous clockworks. I visited the bookstore because of this cafe.

I think next generation bookstore needs this atmosphere in Japan. The concept is a young couple come to a date, parents and children comes to stay some time at a bookstore. Yet, if I come to a bookstore, there would be Google or Amazon interface, and I can directory links to the physical position. Or I can use my smart phone to find the book. Though, I don't have any smart phone.

For me, a bookstore is a place to go journey. I sometimes just visit to bookstore. Just to see any books. Therefore, I sometimes don't want to search a book. In Shimada Kazuhiko's ''Moeyo Pen'', a cartoonist visits to a bookstore and see the pictures in a book and imagines that he is in New York, sitting on top of the statue of liberty. Cool. That is same for me. A bookstore is the place where my imagination unleash. I don't feel in the net bookstore, I think it could be, but not yet so far.

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