Visiting conferences

My hobby as a Sunday Researcher is visiting a conference. Since many of my friends are now all over the world, it is easier to visit a conference to meet some of them. Also conference gives me a lot of ideas and motivation.

I visited to Eurographics 2010, HPG 2010, and SGP 2010 this year. This hobby is an expensive one for a person, since I paid everything and needed to take vacations. The pictures are snapshots of SGP2010, a conference place and a city hall in Lyon. There are some conferences in France this year, SMI, Curves and Surfaces, and SGP. I chose SGP since I know some of my friends will be there in advance.

When I visited to a conference, one thought always came to me: I am not cool. OK, I was not cool all the time, but at least I tried before. I did not present any new ideas, I just was there and got ideas. I doubt my life's meaning, this is sad... Yet, I could do something, maybe. I should do something.

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