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Last week, I visited to my old friends in Edinburgh and Durham. Walking in the old city with my friends, that was fun holidays.

The history of the train system started in the United Kingdom. Therefore, I thought the train system is also advanced, however, it seems not so. For example, you can see the hand-written cargo numbers. Our train was missing one coach J, and the announce was "Today, we are missing one coach J. If you have a reservation in the coach J, you can find your seat in coach B. If you have a reservation in the coach B and can not find your seat, you can find it in coach F. Sorry for the inconvenience." We thought, wow, in England, the system is so difficult. How the people can manager that? But soon we found out many people were walking around and asked "Do you know where the coach x's seat?" We told a woman about the announce and she said, "What a beautiful organization!" I see why the English comedy is so good.

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